Starting a New Estate Agency

What a few years estate agency has had many agents have seen rapid growth across new instructions and sales , which has resulted in many new Estate Agents opening up their own business 
We would like to summarise some of the options New Agents have 
The traditional route is still very popular by physically opening an estate agency branch and simply starting from scratch 
  • Not having to share your Revenue 
  • Brand awareness in the local community 
  • Close Team working
  • Attracting clients who are traditionalists  
  • High start up costs 
Hybrid Model Self employed 
Many different options have appeared in this segment  , typically you work under a brand name where they provide you all the tools to succeed without the need of a physical branch location but that is your choice.
  • Very low start up costs 
  • You get provided all the tools to succeed 
  • Training and consultancy provided 
  • Their is a revenue split so you don’t earn all your income 
  • You are heavily reliant on personal brand  
Franchise Model 
Their are some Great Estate Agent franchises with excellent household brand names available this can save you years of trying to build up a brand name and help give you immediate success  
  • Immediate brand recognition 
  • Large network of support 
  • High start up costs
  • Their is an element of paying away revenue 


These are just some of many options available and here at LetsBid we support all agents in getting them more instructions with our instruction generation tools as instructions are the lifeblood of any good agency so get in contact now with us should you need any support 
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