10 Moving Day Hacks To Make Life Easier


10 Moving Day Hacks To Make Life Easier After all of the formalities of buying or renting a new home have been finalised and you have finally have the keys in hand - all that is left is to move in.

This is the part where you call upon the help of friends and family to transfer your items from one house to another, and there is no getting away from the fact that it can be a testing time.

Although we cannot promise your moving day will be as straightforward as submitting a bid for a property on Lets Bid, we can impart some helpful advice that will help you as you move into your new home. Join us as we guide you through our 10 favourite moving day hacks that we promise will make life so much easier during what can be a highly stressful day.

Pack your Clothes on their Hangers Instead of pulling all of your clothes off their respective hangers before carefully rolling and folding into suitcases - only to have to unfold/unroll and then re-hang at the other end, save yourself some hassle by transporting your clothes on their hangers. Simply pull a black bag over the top, and make a small hole in the bag for the top of the hanger to pull through. Now, all you have to do is tie the hangers together to keep them neat and tidy during the move and then hang again in your new home. Job done.

Get a Handle on Moving Heavy Boxes Let’s be honest – even the strongest of us can struggle with carrying heavy box after heavy box. Avoid the hassle by cutting holes into the side the box to act as makeshift carry handles. A simple hole big enough for your hands to fit into will transform moving day, and you can avoid hurting your back, too!

Prepare your White Goods in Advance Nobody wants to endure moving a fridge freezer or washing machine that suddenly starts leaking all over your new flooring – so it pays to be prepared.

A day before moving, make sure to defrost your fridge freezer to avoid leakage and nasty smells. Try to use up any food that may spoil during the moving process beforehand, as the last thing you want is to introduce pungent smells into your new kitchen.

Make sure your washing machine and all pipework are clear of water, too! Save your Plates with Styrofoam Instead of wasting time wrapping plates and crockery in newspaper and bubble wrap – which can get expensive – simply pop a Styrofoam plate in between each plate to keep them safe during the big move.

Remember to pack all crockery horizontally to minimise your chances of any chips, cracks or otherwise when you get to the other end! Clear Your Path

The last thing you need when moving furniture and heavy boxes is something getting in your way. Before moving, clear you path of obstacles – and this includes doors.

If you don’t have enough doorstops or are worried about tripping on items holding doors open, then an elastic band could be just what you need. Loop it around both the inside and outside handle, covering the latch to prohibit the door from closing - leaving you to come and go as you please.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Once you know your bid for a property has been accepted, make sure to inform all relevant parties of your new address – utility, phone and internet providers, as well as friends, family, doctors and your local authority. Aim to do this with as much notice as possible to ensure a smooth transition. Even with the best intentions, you can guarantee that the odd letter will still find its way to your old home. Leave behind a number of pre-stamped and addressed envelopes for the new occupiers to send on any stray post without having to worry about using a redirect service.

Take Pictures of Where Cables are Connected Save yourself the hassle of working out what goes where when it comes to getting your new home up and running with your electrical goods by taking pictures before the move of your current set up. With a handy reference point, getting settled in your new home will be easier than ever before.

Another top tip is colour coding your cables with stickers! Declutter before Moving Everyone has plenty of bits and bobs they’re hanging onto despite not having used in years – well, now is the perfect time to declutter and make some extra cash at the same time.

As soon as your bid for a property has been accepted and the formalities have been taken care of, put your unwanted items up for sale. Give yourself a few weeks for the items to move and make a little bit of money in doing so.

Alternatively, turn your decluttering into a good deed by donating your unwanted items to charity. All Wrapped Up If you haven’t had time to pack your entire life before moving day, worry not. Leave smaller items in drawers and remove from your furniture before moving. You can also use masking tape to keep drawers closed in items that are fully emptied to stop them from opening during moving and potentially trapping fingers!

Place Cardboard on the Floor Finally, when you get to your new home, take care not to ruin your new floors when moving heavy items and white goods that can leave unsightly scuff marks. Place down large sheets of cardboard on walkways that will see traffic heading in and out of the house – it doesn’t take much for a scuff to form.

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