3 Top tips to get more House sellers to use your Estate Agency

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3 Top tips to get more House sellers to use your Estate Agency 

The main 2 ways Estate agents currently increase thier stock levels and attract Listings are

Brand Awareness 

Agents who have established a Goto Brand in thier micro Market and are seen as the best agent to sell your property in that area. 


Its not a secret its about spending money and getting your brand out thier which will involve you winning business and as long as you follow through you will build brand awareness, which means less money will need to be spent in the future.

Even if you have established yourself as the market leader in yoru market and you have buit Brand awareness you cant just stop doing anything as believe me all your competitors will be sepnding Vast sums tryingt o tke your place.

3 Top Tips for everyone 

1) Social media 

Single handidly becoming the fastest route to market as you dont need to pay for ADs if you have good content you will build followers and help establish yoru brand , dont be mistaken a small marketing spend can accelerate your awareness very quickly. 

2) Word of Mouth

Ask your existing clients for referals and turn them into walking talking advertising machines as if you provide a great service so go above and beyond they will not forget and will broadcast your services.

3) Direct Marketing 

Many Agents are syaing how do these new hybrid agents with no shop frontage are winning instructions its no secret thier sending hudnreds of direct letters every week and critcical stages in the sales Journey which is helping them get in front of vendors. 

While their are many more tips we can give i belive the 3 above are a good start 

LetsBid can help with direct Marketing at a fraction of the cost of everyone else, we cant help you accelerate this strategy immediately.


Milton Rodosthenous

Founder LetsBid property 



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