5 of the Most Expensive Places to Rent Outside Central London

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Rent and mortgage payments are one of our biggest monthly expenditures, so it’s important to live in an area suitable for your household budget. Across the UK, rent can vary dramatically. Typically lower further to the North, it can quickly increase the closer to London you get.

If you are looking for homes to rent in a highly revered location but can’t quite afford a London budget, we look at five of the most expensive areas to rent outside the city:

Guildford, Surrey

Located only 40 minutes from central London by train, Surrey has some of the lowest crime rates in the UK. A busy market town, Guildford is popular for its historic buildings and the gorgeous areas of natural beauty that surround it. The average rental price of a one-bedroom property in Guildford is around £1,016 per month.

Brighton, East Sussex

One of the UK’s most popular coastal cities, Brighton is located an hour from the city of London by direct train. This cultural hotspot has been a long-time favourite of Brits with its excellent nightlife, beautiful architecture and fantastic shopping opportunities. On average, house prices are an astounding 10.9 times the average annual salary and rental prices aren’t much better. A one-bedroom property in the city centre will cost on average £1,100 per month.

 Bushey, Hertfordshire

Located 21 miles by car from London, Bushey is a beautiful, tranquil location close to major film studios at Elstree and Borehamwood. The average rent of a one-bedroom property in Bushey is £1,330 per month.

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Known as the “City of Dreaming Spires”, Oxford is home to the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the western world, boasting signs of teaching since 1096, the University also boasts the world’s oldest university museum. Excellent travel links to London and the rest of the UK, in addition to rich culture, contribute to Oxford’s average one-bedroom rental price of £1,531 per month.

Esher, Surrey

Located only 14 miles from South-West London, Esher is an extremely popular commuter town with excellent schools, beautiful scenery and a rich history. With ties to royalty and the previous home to members of The Beatles and The Bee Gees, it’s no wonder the average rent of a two-bedroom property exceeds £1,900 per month.

Not only are do these locations feature some of the most expensive homes to rent in the UK, they are extremely popular. Properties in Esher often get purchased prior to making the public market while properties in Brighton are regularly converted to student accommodation. Why not see how these locations compared to 5 of the most desirable UK locations?

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