Buying an Auction Property


Buying a Property at an auction isn’t what it used to be, home owners are now starting to use this method for selling flats and Houses as a traditional way of selling property quickly to trusted buyers.

Top tips for Buying Auction Property on Lets Bid


  Make sure you visit the Property, its always good to go and see what your buying and running through the basic checks (Have a look at our Customer Resources)

 If your not familiar with the area, make sure you look around look at local schools OFSTED reports, Local transport routes and shopping facilities


   Your solicitor will need to check your legal pack and make sure he can submit a clean certificate of title to the bank


  Go and get pre approved for funding and get a valuation instructed

  Visit LetsBid Property today and talk to one of our experienced Estate agents to see how youc an buy a Property via LetsBid  

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