Estate Agent Canvassing

Estate Agent Canvassing
Estate agent Canvassing 
The days have gone of an Estate agent opening up a High street Shop , signing up to Right Move / Zoopla and expect the local High street to deliver.
 There is no question Footfall has fallen in our High streets due to the rise of Technology with more and more choosing an online option for their retail needs which includes Estate agency evidenced by the rise in popularity of Purple bricks etc.
Their has been a revival in some out of town high streets as the population has had to work from home because of the pandemic I have never seen the centre of London this Quiet before but my local high street was exceptionally busy which includes our local agents who have had an incredible years due to a number of Factors including SDLT savings but in my opinion more emphasis on people wanting that forever home with more space.
We are very lucky that we get to speak to dozens of agents every week finding out exactly whats happening on the ground and its very busy although what happens when this starts to cool off because it will eventually I’m not saying the property market will decline far from it but it will have to get down to more manageable levels soon simply because their will be no more Stock.
How do you Build your stock levels with fierce competition 

Canvassing is a great way to do it 
Targeted Canvassing is my favourite way where you're looking at stock on the market that has not sold , whether the price is not right or simply the marketing wasn’t done correctly this can get you quick results and instructions 
Neighbour Canvassing 
Many agents do this and were soon to launch an automated version , in a hot market as were in now Stock is selling very fast with a number of disappointed buyers missing out on the property , Swicthed on agents are writing to neighbours with similar properties explaining that they have buyers waiting to buy the property and records amounts are being achieved at this moment you will not be surprised agents get quite a few valuations out of this and encourages homeowners to sell their property  
At LetsBid we offer you many way to Canvass as an Estate agent whether its targeted property on the market  , Probate Canvassing or even Neighbour canvassing 
Contact us Now if you would like to discuss how you can canvass in minutes with LetsBid 

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