Everything you need to Know before buying a House


Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a House


When buying a house, many things need to be taken into consideration. Similarly, it's important to remember that this will be the case whether you are buying a house through an online house auction or an estate agent. It doesn’t even need to be your first house - there will still be a lot to think about and it can often seem daunting and confusing.

However, if you had a list of everything that you need to know before buying a house you may feel more at ease, and that’s exactly what we are giving you. Make sure that you are fully clued up and have all the right information about the property by following this list.

Look Beyond the Paint and Double Check

The first thing that you will need to check is the walls and doors. Make sure that there are no cracks, damp, mould or drafts that will affect the state of the house. If there are, then it may be up to you to fix these issues when you purchase the property. You will also need to check the windows and doors to ensure that all seals are in good condition and that the windows are clear.

Energy Rating and Council Tax

One thing that you will need to be clear about before buying a house is the energy rating and council tax band. This will ultimately determine how much the property will cost you on a monthly basis, something which is important to know before you commit to purchasing the house.

Electricity and Boiler Checks

You will also need to run a check on both the boiler and electrics in order to see if they need any improvements. It should be easy to check the boiler as it should have a sticker with the date it was last checked or a log book containing details of every service it has received.

Dig Deep and Check Basements and Lofts

It’s not only the walls, doors and windows that you will need to check. Make sure that any basements or loft spaces are in good condition and don’t suffer from any damp or mould problems. You should also dig deep and check every cupboard and corner for damage. Get in every small space that you can - if you miss something, you may later regret it.

Parking Options and Exterior

Similarly, you should also check the exterior of the property for any issues or visible signs of damage. You will also need to check the parking availability, too, especially if your property comes with a garage.

Hopefully, you will now be well-informed about everything you need to check before purchasing a house. Being prepared and spotting any potential issues now may well end up saving you both time and money in the future, so whether you're buying through online house auction or through an estate agent, don’t panic. If you make thorough checks before committing yourself to the purchase, you will be in the best possible position.

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