How Estate agents can win more Instructions

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How Estate Agents can win more instructions 
Our Business Development Manager are always asked how they can win more instructions so we have gathered a list of useful tips to help 
  • Prop Tech 
Their is some great Canvassing tools out in the market which can let you know how Long they have been on the market for , price reductions and recent sales activity this is a great tool to stay aware of what going on in your micro market, this will also enable you to send letters out to try win instructions or simply give you an opportunity to knock on the door 
  • Ask for a Referral 
This really is key if you don’t ask you don’t get , when ever you rent or sell something ask the tenant / landlords / home owner / seller if they know anyone who is selling renting a property and would they make an introduction if the journey of the stakeholder has been the right one they will not hesitate recommending someone 
  • Community 
Get involved in the local community , let the residents know your part of their town / village this doesn’t always mean sponsoring events , shop in local shops volunteer at the community centres and get involved with local schools this will help your brand get recognised but more importantly build your agents personal brand 
  • Shout 
Let your market know how well you’re doing 
  • Boards with SOLD
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Branded umbrellas 
  • Shop displays 
  • Social media 
If you don’t have social media accounts , twitter . Facebook Instagram set them up now Social media has become a brilliant source of leads but also for advertising your property giving you more awareness thus leading to more instructions 
These are just a few examples if you want to learn more come visit us at and speak to one of our BDMs to see how we can help get you more instructions 
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