How to sell your house or Flat

 house or Flat

How to sell your House or Flat

Most Home buyers want to add value to their property especially if they have just purchased a flat or House from an auction such as LetsBid Property and they want there House or Flat sold quickly at their asking price.

There is no question that if you have the right budget extensions, New bathrooms and Kitchens really do increase your value but below I have given you some tips on what you can do on a small budget.

Our top Tips

Curb Appeal

If you have not heard of this expression this simply means the first impression you get when you see the Property externally.

1)    If you have a front garden tidy it up make sure your hedges are trimmed and your walls are cleaned a good Jet wash can really brighten up them old walls and you can purchase a good Jet wash now for under £100

2)    If you have space in your front garden for a car getting a driveway done can seriously increase that appeal and while most people perception that a driveway is expensive it can be done for under £1500 if you go for a very simple design and if your going to blow your budget on something that will be it

3)    Paint the Exterior, that fresh look really helps the property stand out

4)    Solar lights, you can pick up some really good deals on solar lights and it can help brighten up that front

5)    Door number, many online companies now sell door numbers in different designs and some of them glass modern ones do look really good


1)    Paint, Paint , Paint very important you make the walls look nice and fresh and I would highly recommend neutral colours go and have a look at some of the new developments local to you and get an idea on a colour you like and your local paint shop can match the colour.

2)    Do a feature wall in some of the rooms, this may be with wall paper or even a darker / lighter shade of paint

3)    Instead of replacing the kitchen have a look if you can sand down and paint the units to a more modern colour

4)    Ultimately space is very important and if you can create an open plan living area by taking down a Stud wall this can really help you getting your property sold although this can be expensive a non supporting wall means it can be taken down with no fuss but always get a professional’s opinion and lots of quotes

5)    Change the taps in the bathroom relatively simply and it can help modernise the appearance and make sure you scrub them tiles to give them that clean fresh look De clutter, make space


No matter the size of your garden its always important to keep it simple and tidy, if your fortunate enough to have a big enough garden where part of it can be used for out door dinging invest in a small table and chairs and show any perspective buyers what they could have.

As you can probably see some of the ideas above are designed to help you sell your property and get a close to asking price offer, or get a better valuation from the estate agent. Currently this is a buyer’s market so you need to stand out from everyone else. More importantly its about getting commitment once you get the offer speak to one of Our LetsBid agents and they can let you know how this can be achieved with the modern method of Auction.

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