Marketing Property: When More Is More


In an online age where people struggle to find the time for multiple viewings and traditional open house days, estate agents need a smarter way of piquing interest and generating leads, and LetsBid Property helps you to do just that.

With an intelligent market of informed decision-makers to cater for, the time has passed where a fluffy blurb about a ‘cosy fixer-upper’ and the odd cropped picture is enough to close a deal. In an increasingly digital landscape, with the world at their fingertips, people want details long before they think about putting in an offer.

Lots of clear visuals, detailed descriptions and transparency when it comes to things like EPC rating, property location and price points; these are all things buyers and renters have come to expect. Providing all of this information up front in a listing can speed up the selling or renting process, but depending on the size of your portfolio, it can also lead to a fair chunk of admin time.

Fortunately, our online platform gives you full control and allows for such detailed listings, enabling you to make the process that much more efficient. However, this means you need to put your best foot forward with your property brochure.

It’s All About Images

A picture may speak a thousand words, but it can make or break a few sales, too. Images are important for many reasons, not least because they give the interested party a real glimpse at the property and a good point of reference. However, a half-hearted phone snap is unlikely to cut it in a competitive online arena.

Earlier in 2017, the Telegraph wrote about how Instagram changed the property market. Whatever your take on this is, it does raise the question of how we make aspirational property listings in an increasingly visual, not to mention artsy, climate. Of course, you don’t have to trade the ease and efficiency of online listings and auctions for a new life as a social media mogul, but you can look at some of these images as inspiration for how to stage or snap a property. You can even find guides like this one, explaining how to stage a property for interior shots.

Floorplans For The Win

Floorplans are not compulsory, but they are key to conversions. In fact, a 2015 study conducted by Property Academy discovered 59% of those asked considered floorplans to be “essential” when searching for a new home. What’s more is that taking a bit of extra time to include the dimensions of each room, as well as the placement of doors and windows, only goes further to helping prospective buyers and renters visualise the property.

Better yet, the combination of floorplans and photos allows people to piece together a comprehensive view of the property, placing their belongings and mentally working out how space will be used. To further boost this mental move-in, you can craft the perfect property description, highlighting the headlining features to paint a clear picture, showing off the listing’s best assets.


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