Perfect Your Portfolio with Lets Bid Property


The beauty of using Lets Bid is that you have complete control. Not only do you have our online auction platform and brochure creator at your disposal, but you have all the data that comes with it. Having access to analytical data offers incredible insight, allowing you to see what properties are hot, what listings are getting better engagement, and which listings need some tweaking to reach their full potential.

With everything online, easily editable, and at your fingertips, you have no restrictions when it comes to getting the best out of the way you market your listings. That means no more deliberating over the costs associated with updated or new brochures, and no more guesswork when it comes to seeing how the market is reacting.

Knowledge is power, so being informed and having the analytics to make a difference is invaluable. Welcome to the new age of estate agency.

The full package

Flawless photos, detailed floorplans and quality brochures are just part and parcel of partnering with Lets Bid Property. So, too, are the analytics and wide-open market at your disposal.

To find out about getting more from your listings through our online platform, get in touch today by emailing us at [email protected].

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