Why Estate Agents Need to Prospect

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Did you know 50-60% of Residential Sales in the Uk are from 2nd Instructions 

Estate agents in the Uk generally do a great Job in listing and selling thier clients Homes and Investements although for a number of reasons the 2nd instruction has more luck than the first Agent this may be because of over valuations or just simply timing 

Our Propsecting tool allows an Estate agent to send hudreds of prospecting letters in minutes to Stock on the market all controlled by the agent 

Good agents will send at least 3 letters to taregted proeprties 

When the property first comes on the market 

Congratulating them for listing and letting them know they can help in thier future house search 

8-12 weeks letter 

if the property is still on the market between 8-12 weeks it means they are coming to an end of thier current agents contract and it gives you a chance for a fresh approach 

Reduced Price 

if the currnet Agent has had to reduce the price , they may not be doing s8fficient marketing or the property was simply overvalued in the first instance 

A big tip its not just how good your letter is , its also all about your online image as you better beleiev it your futrue clients will search you online so your online image needs to be as polished as your pitch to get that call , start using social media and shout out about all the great stuf yoru doing as thats what you wnat them to see 

All sucessfull agents prsoepct & use prop tech to leverage thier time to win more instructions at a faster pace at LetsBid what we have done is made this affordable for all agents 


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