Estate Agent Leads

estate agent leads
Estate agents use many different strategies to generate Leads here are our top 3 
  • Ask Existing customer for referrals 
You should always look to provide great customer service and their is nothing better than when you have just sold someones Home as they become a walking talking advertisement 
  • Use Software  
Their are some great Prospecting tools out their which allow you to send letters directly to properties on the market remember 50% of instructions sell with the 2nd Agent so the return on investment here is incredible 
  • Social media 
Social media has Quickly become one of the most effective way’s of building your brand and attracting new customers so if your not using social media start now Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , LinkedIn their all great 
  • Network


Networking is also key , build relationships with local solicitors , accountants , bankers , football agents  even the local Café as all of your local community can become invaluable with their referrals 
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