I want to set up an Estate agency



I want to set up an Estate agency 
If you're thinking of starting your own estate agency you have plenty of Choice in the Uk at this moment 
Do you 
  • Go the traditional route of finding a High Street shop and start from scratch 
  • Look at one of the Hybrid models like Keller Williams / EXP
  • Do you look at a Franchise like Winkworth or Remax 
The first thing is congratulations, if your taking that first step into becoming your own boss its a brave move as more than likely your going from a regular pay check every month with great Job security to a journey where you don’t know where it will lead but if you do it the right way it will have fantastic long term effects.
I get asked all the time which is the best route and unfortunately I cant answer that as its not that simple it all depends on you and your circumstances 
  1. Can you afford a High Street Shop rent 
  2. Can you afford to fit it out 
  3. Do you already have franchisees on the high street 
  4. Have you worked in the area before 
  5. Have you looked at the cost of the Portals 
  6. Are you going to the on staff 
  7. Are you aware of what commission you give away with the Hybrid models 
All these are relevant questions , I suggest you sit their and do a good old fashioned Brainstorm and list strengths and weaknesses of each one 
For Example 
Hybrid model 
  • For a small costs every month they arrange your Tech , Prospecting Tools , Portals , Websites 
  • Training and Support 
  • They take a percentage of your commission 
  • Your heavily relying on your personal brand ( that can be a positive ) 
My best advise would be to research everything and make the right decision as you never know even if your bank balance isn’t the greatest  you could agree a rent free period on a local shop as currently we have many vacant units , you could agree a free period with Right move or Zoopla based on a long term contract and their are some great tech out their like LetsBid property that can help with prospecting at affordable prices.
Come and talk to us Now if your a new agent tying to set up our Area managers always have time to help point you in the right direction 
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