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Lets Bid is the only 5-in-1 platform designed to revolutionise the day-to-day operations of growing estate agencies. Our comprehensive suite of tools empowers agents with versatile solutions, ensuring they have the flexibility to choose between traditional and modern methods of auctions.
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Your Auction, Your Way

With our Auction Platform, agents have the autonomy to orchestrate their own auctions from start to finish. This approach allows them to retain 100% of their fees, providing unmatched control and financial benefits. Whether you prefer the time-tested traditional auction method or the efficiency of modern alternatives, Let's Bid caters to your preferences.

Assisted Auction Service – Your Path to Effortless Sales

Our primary focus lies in our Assisted Auction Service, a game-changer for estate agents seeking a streamlined and effortless selling process. Agents can entrust us with their properties, and we handle the entire sales progression journey on their behalf. From marketing to negotiations and paperwork, we take care of it all. Agents only need to conduct property viewings, minimising their workload.

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Upon a successful sale, agents receive a substantial 75% of the buyer's fee, allowing them to generate income effortlessly. This is a significant advantage for estate agents, offering financial rewards for minimal effort.

Unlocking Unparalleled Benefits

What sets Let's Bid apart is our commitment to being an all-in-one platform. In addition to the lucrative fees agents receive for property sales, we provide an exclusive £150 in credits for direct marketing letters. This means agents can conduct a substantial amount of canvassing and direct marketing for free, a benefit unparalleled in the industry.

No other company offers this unique proposition – combining successful property sales with free direct marketing opportunities. At Let's Bid, we believe in maximising the benefits for our agents, ensuring they not only thrive in the auction market but also effortlessly expand their reach through strategic marketing initiatives.

Why settle for ordinary when you can join Let's Bid for extraordinary results? Boost your revenue, simplify your workload, and redefine your approach to auctions. Let's Bid - because your success is our priority.

Join Let's Bid today and experience the future of auctions – where control, income, and marketing opportunities seamlessly converge to elevate your estate agency to new heights.

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