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Estate Agent Canvassing

Monday 29th Mar 2021

Estate agent Canvassing  The days have gone of an Estate agent opening up a High street Shop , signing up to Right Move / Zoopla and expect the local High street to deliver.  Their is no question Footfall has fallen in our High streets due to the rise of Technology with more and more choosing an online option for their retail needs..

I want to set up an Estate agency

Monday 22nd Mar 2021

  I want to set up an Estate agency  If you're thinking of starting your own estate agency you have plenty of Choice in the Uk at this moment  Do you  Go the traditional route of finding a High Street shop and start from scratch  Look at one of the Hybrid models like Keller Williams / EXP Do you look at a Franc..

Estate Agent Leads

Monday 22nd Mar 2021

Estate agents use many different strategies to generate Leads here are our top 3  Ask Existing customer for referrals  You should always look to provide great customer service and their is nothing better than when you have just sold someones Home as they become a walking talking advertisement  Use Software   The..

3 Top tips to get more House sellers to use your Estate Agency

Wednesday 10th Mar 2021

3 Top tips to get more House sellers to use your Estate Agency  The main 2 ways Estate agents currently increase thier stock levels and attract Listings are Brand Awareness  Agents who have established a Goto Brand in thier micro Market and are seen as the best agent to sell your property in that area.  Marketing  Its ..

Why Estate Agents Love Probate Instructions

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021

A Probate property is a proeprty that has been left in a will and needs to be sold so teh funds cna be distributed by the exector to the benefiiaries  Benefits  No chan :So they are usually completed very quickly  SDLT: on most occassions you have No Stamp Duty to pay so vendors are very keen on the savings  Motivated s..

Why Estate Agents Need to Prospect

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021

Did you know 50-60% of Residential Sales in the Uk are from 2nd Instructions  Estate agents in the Uk generally do a great Job in listing and selling thier clients Homes and Investements although for a number of reasons the 2nd instruction has more luck than the first Agent this may be because of over valuations or just simply timing&nbs..

Manage the energy contracts for your new home

Monday 30th Nov 2020

Find out how to manage the energy contracts for your new home      Find out how to manage the energy contracts for your new home   There’s no doubt that moving home comes with a lot of stress and things to check off your to-do list. That’s why it’s important to compartmentalise all the different..

Estate Agents Prospecting Tool Free Trial

Monday 09th Nov 2020

Estate Agent Prospecting Tool LetsBid property has now fully launched their Estate Agent Prospecting tool  At a click of a Button start marketing inteligently  See full addresses of properties on the market  Create a campaign with 2 clicks and print out hundreds of letters  Daily updates  2nd instructions hav..

How Estate agents can win more Instructions

Monday 22nd Jun 2020

  How Estate Agents can win more instructions  Our Business Development Manager are always asked how they can win more instructions so we have gathered a list of useful tips to help  Prop Tech  Their is some great Canvassing tools out in the market which can let you know how Long they have been on the market for , p..

Selling and Buying Houses after Lockdown

Monday 04th May 2020

Home buyers will have to wear PPE during viewings once the Housing market opens again after the Covid 19  lockdown.   The professional body for estate agencies is drawing up a series of “protocols” for the industry once actual viewings to properties are allowed again .   Thier will be limits on How..

Auction Sellers to receive full legal packs for auction with no upfront costs

Tuesday 28th Apr 2020

Online auction platform LetsBid Property has partnered with conveyancing and legal solutions provider Movin Legal to provide estate agents with full legal packs with no upfront costs.   This aims to help speed up property transactions. Movin Legal has developed a bespoke referral platform, allowing agents partnered with LetsBid to orde..

2% surplus on SDLT for Foreign Buyers

Friday 13th Mar 2020

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed in his first Budget plans to introduce a 2% stamp duty surcharge on non-UK tax residents. While the Budget was largely focused on protecting the economy from the coronavirus outbreak – with a £30 billion package unveiled to help small and medium-sized businesses, boost the NHS and provide sick p..

SDLT RATES March 2020

Friday 13th Mar 2020

Residential property rates You usually pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on increasing portions of the property price above £125,000 when you buy residential property, for example a house or flat. There are different rules if you’re buying your first home and the purchase price is £500,000 or less. Use the SDLT ca..

Top 10 Auction Tips

Tuesday 25th Feb 2020

1. Research  Decide on the area you’re interested in and contact the local auction Houses and your Estate agents .  They will be able to advise you on any upcoming auctions or any properties they are taking on that need a quick sale via the Modern method of Auction . 2. Go and See the Property and Ask th right Quest..

UK Stamp duty changes 2020

Tuesday 04th Feb 2020

The new government has announced that its first Budget is to be held on Wednesday March 11 - and it’s giving the property sector a chance to communicate their thoughts  Last summer Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during his Tory leadership campaign that he would consider raising the stamp duty threshold from £125,000 to &po..

Mandatory Qualifications for Estate agents

Monday 30th Sep 2019

Earlier this year, the Regulation of Property Agents (RoPA) working group announced the initial details of plans for mandatory qualifications and industry-wide regulation of estate and letting agents. I believe that these measures, if implemented correctly, are essential for the future of the sector and will help to improve the public reputat..

How to buy a property in London? - Things you should consider!

Tuesday 25th Jun 2019

Buying a property in London is one of the biggest investments of your life, particularly when house prices are considerably higher than most places in the World However over time they have proven to be great investments. With a population of more than 8.6 million, London is a densely populated metropolis with a melting pot of multi-ethnic re..

How can a Landlord or Tenant End Tenancy Agreement Early?

Friday 14th Jun 2019

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, sometimes you may wish to end Tenancy Agreement early under various circumstances. It might be that as a landlord you'll want to put your property for sale by auctions or as a tenant you may need to move out of the property for work or personal reasons.   Understanding your rights and obli..

What impact does the ban on New-Build Leasehold Houses could create for Leaseholders in the UK?

Monday 03rd Jun 2019

For more than hundreds of years, the UK has had leasehold homes. But, the situation has changed since past few months when the ground rent emerged as a major problem among many leaseholders. Now the government is proposing a complete ban on new houses sold as leasehold, and reducing ground rents to zero. What’s the Government’s re..

How is No-Fault Eviction Ban Going to affect Renters and Landlords in the UK

Friday 17th May 2019

With the no-fault eviction ban in the England, around 11 million tenants will be at ease as the private landlords will no longer be able to evict them at short notice without any reasons.  No-fault Eviction or Section 21 rule currently enables a landlord to evict a tenant from their tenancy without any reason. This has been a major contr..

Why is Tenant Referencing so Important?

Friday 03rd May 2019

If you’re a landlord, a tenant or a letting agent, you may have had to deal with tenant referencing checks. For a landlord, tenant referencing is the first line of defence against renting your property to an unsuitable tenant. But, you must clearly understand what tenant referencing is and what it means to a landlord, letting agent or ..

How is Brexit Uncertainty Affecting Rental House Prices in the UK?

Monday 29th Apr 2019

The uncertainty of Brexit is already having an impact on house prices in the UK. With prices falling in London and declining slightly elsewhere in the south-east, we need to understand how Brexit is going to impact the private rented sector in the UK. The number of renters in the UK are growing day by day. Now, around a 5th of the UK&rsquo..

Top Little Secrets to Easily Sell Your House

Thursday 11th Apr 2019

There are always few little things that makes a huge difference in our life. This is especially true when you want to sell your house for a fairly good Price.  However, homebuyers are always choosy as they always prefer to buy the best from the available properties . The first impression is always the best impression. With the right tips..

9 UK Residential Property Trends to Watch-out in 2019

Wednesday 03rd Apr 2019

It’s only few more days for the impending Brexit to happen. As the United Kingdom prepares itself for the days after they exit from the European Union, the UK residential property market will be hugely influenced by the sentiment. Meanwhile, anything- a deal or no-deal can be expected, here we bring forth 9 Residential Real Estate Mark..

What are the Challenges for Student Housing Investment in the UK?

Friday 15th Mar 2019

The investment opportunity in the UK student housing market has predicted to continue to dominate in 2019 as in the previous years. Let’s Bid Property team estimates that the value of the UK PBSA sector will hit £50bn by 2019.  Today, the UK student property is regarded as one of the strongest investment platforms surpassing ..

Everything a First Time Home Buyer Needs to Know About 100% Mortgage

Thursday 28th Feb 2019

If you have no deposit to buy a home in the UK, a 100% mortgage might be the best option to consider.  You may wonder why and what a 100% mortgage is?  A 100% mortgage is a loan for the entire cost of the property you’re buying.   The obvious benefit of a 100% mortgage is that you don’t need to save up any depo..

Six Different Types of Tenancy Agreements for Every UK Tenants

Thursday 17th Jan 2019

A written tenancy agreement is the proof of evidence which make things clear between you (landlords) and the tenants. But, there are essentially six different types of tenancy agreements which according to the needs and circumstances can be given to a tenant in the UK. Deciding what type of tenancy agreement is right for a tenant requires some..

How to Minimise Risk When Investing in a Commercial Property?

Friday 04th Jan 2019

Are you thinking about investing in your own commercial property? It may be exciting but, at the same time you must be aware of the risks involved in making a business investment. Property investment is like a rocket science which requires a good understanding of how the property market works and find out the reasons why it fluctuates. Onl..

How to sell your house or Flat

Wednesday 05th Sep 2018

How to sell your House or Flat Most Home buyers want to add value to their property especially if they have just purchased a flat or House from an auction such as LetsBid Property and they want there House or Flat sold quickly at their asking price. There is no question that if you have the right budget extensions, New bathrooms and Kitchens..

LetsBid to provide free tenant vetting in collaboration with Experian Background Checking

Thursday 16th Aug 2018

LetsBid to provide free tenant vetting in collaboration with Experian Background Checking LetsBid, a digital online auction service for lettings and sales, has a secured an agreement with Experian Background Checking to provide pre-screening services to tenants and letting agents ahead of the ban on lettings fees in England and Wales. It m..

Buying a Home in a London Property Auction

Friday 13th Jul 2018

Buying a Home in a London Property Auction According to the EIG there has been 10 Auctions in the past 3 days and half of them were based in London & while the rest of the UK is catching up it just shows the capital still draws them Auction Buyers from across the UK and now with Online Auctions much of the capital residential stock will b..

Unsold Auction Property

Monday 25th Jun 2018

Unsold Auction Property Everyone is looking for a Property deal and at the top of the list of Questions Most Agents are asked do you have any Unsold Auction Property. Typically, Unsold Auction Property is common in the industry as most Property Auctions Average 70-80% success rates and there are buyers who specialise in picking these up. So..

Buying an Auction Property

Friday 22nd Jun 2018

Buying a Property at an auction isn’t what it used to be, home owners are now starting to use this method for selling flats and Houses as a traditional way of selling property quickly to trusted buyers. Top tips for Buying Auction Property on Lets Bid Property   Make sure you visit the Property, its always good to go and se..

Increase Your House Value with These Low-Cost Solutions

Monday 04th Jun 2018

Increase Your House Value with These Low-Cost Solutions   Selling your house is a grand undertaking and can often take months depending on desirability and the speed of the current property market. Whether you plan to sell your house at auction, through traditional methods or you are looking to rent it out, we look at some low-cost ways..

5 of the Most Expensive Places to Rent Outside Central London

Monday 04th Jun 2018

Rent and mortgage payments are one of our biggest monthly expenditures, so it’s important to live in an area suitable for your household budget. Across the UK, rent can vary dramatically. Typically lower further to the North, it can quickly increase the closer to London you get. If you are looking for homes to rent in a highly revered l..

Tips for Finding Your Perfect House to Rent

Monday 21st May 2018

Tips for Finding Your Perfect House to Rent Your home is one of the most important aspects of your life, providing shelter, warmth and comfort. However, choosing a house to rent can often be an overwhelming experience. Taking into account your requirements, the surrounding area and future proofing (within reason) in addition to having to make..

Generation Rent

Tuesday 01st May 2018

The debate surrounding buying versus renting a property is not a new one. It has long been a focus topic and sometimes a point of contention, with both camps passionately fighting for their corner. However, more often than not, the public discussion centres on those who are “forced” to rent, rather than those who choose to do so. T..

Get to Know the Modern Method of Auction

Tuesday 03rd Apr 2018

Get to Know the Modern Method of Auction Auctioneering has changed dramatically in the 21st century. Before, there were only limited auction houses filled with professional buyers and dealers. Now, the floor has been opened up to everyone. Online auctions, first championed by websites such as eBay, changed the game as we know it, making the ..

Choosing the Right Tenant for Your Property

Tuesday 03rd Apr 2018

Choosing the Right Tenant for Your Property When it comes to making the decision to privately rent out your property and become a landlord, there are a few things that must be considered. Questions such as ‘how do you go about becoming a landlord?’ and ‘what should your insurance cover?’ are right up there, but undoubt..

Everything you need to Know before buying a House

Tuesday 20th Mar 2018

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a House   When buying a house, many things need to be taken into consideration. Similarly, it's important to remember that this will be the case whether you are buying a house through an online house auction or an estate agent. It doesn’t even need to be your first house - there will still..

What are the Top 5 Most Desirable Locations in the UK?

Monday 19th Mar 2018

What are the Top 5 Most Desirable Locations in the UK? The UK is home to more than 65 million people, all of which are scattered across the country and live in different areas. But if you're looking to buy a new house through auction or are looking for homes to rent, then you may be interested to know which locations are the most desirable in..

How to Keep Tenants Happy

Thursday 15th Mar 2018

How to Keep Tenants Happy Understandably, renting out your property can be a stressful experience as there is so much which needs to be taken into consideration. However, it’s also important to remember that it may also be stressful for your tenants too. If you ensure that your tenants are happy, it will not only reduce their stress but..

To Rent or to Buy - That is the Question

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

Moving out is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life so it’s important to weigh up your options. While some have saved and can afford to buy, others may prefer to rent. But if you are looking for a short-term solution, it can be difficult to decide which option is best. Let’s Bid gives you the flexibility to do ei..

The Pros and Cons of Letting

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

When it comes to letting a property, there are many things to think about. For instance, whether you will be letting it out with or without furniture and if you’ll let students, people with pets or even those on benefits rent from you. But before you make these decisions, you need to consider if letting your property is the right choice ..

The Ultimate Housewarming Party Guide

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

Every year, thousands of people buy a new home, whether it’s through online house auctions or specific estate agents. While it might be the perfect new home you want, celebrations are often forgotten. Moving to a new house calls for one thing - a housewarming party! You can throw a housewarming party with a relatively low budget and whi..

The Benefits of Property Auction with Lets Bid

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

Property auctions have been around for some time but Lets Bid offers a unique service. We are an online based property auction service that has truly opened the doors to the buying, selling and renting world. We offer buyers and sellers a different way in which to sell or find a house. There are many different benefits to looking at an online..

Easy Property Renovation Tips

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

Easy Property Renovation Tips Every house has its own unique feel and look; however, you might feel that any potential home you buy needs a personal touch. It might need modernising, or perhaps requires a few touch-ups here and there. There are hundreds of easy renovation tips to make your property look and feel like new; online house auction..

Clever Home Improvement Tricks

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

Clever Home Improvement Tricks With the incessant rush and chaos that is Christmas now out of the way, it is time to see the New Year in with a fresh, new start. So whatever plans you may have had in mind to spruce up your home last year that were pushed aside for some reason or another – now would be the optimal time to tackle those ho..

Perfect Your Portfolio with Lets Bid Property

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

The beauty of using Lets Bid is that you have complete control. Not only do you have our online auction platform and brochure creator at your disposal, but you have all the data that comes with it. Having access to analytical data offers incredible insight, allowing you to see what properties are hot, what listings are getting better engagemen..

Marketing Property: When More Is More

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

In an online age where people struggle to find the time for multiple viewings and traditional open house days, estate agents need a smarter way of piquing interest and generating leads, and Lets Bid Property helps you to do just that. With an intelligent market of informed decision-makers to cater for, the time has passed where a fluffy blurb..

Choosing the Right Estate Agent for you

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

When it comes to selling or letting a property, picking the right estate agent for you is an important process. Depending on your age, profession and area, amongst other things, finding an estate agent that offers everything that you are looking for can be a challenging task. As a seller or landlord, you want to feel as though you are in go..

Letting a Property with Lets Bid could not be Simpler

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

Here at Lets Bid Property, we give you, the estate agent, one of the quickest and easiest ways to rent and let a property. This new and exciting concept not only allows you to connect directly with pre-referenced tenants and receive deposits in an instant – leading to more deals closed - but our three-tier management system means you ge..

10 Moving Day Hacks To Make Life Easier

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

10 Moving Day Hacks To Make Life Easier After all of the formalities of buying or renting a new home have been finalised and you have finally have the keys in hand - all that is left is to move in. This is the part where you call upon the help of friends and family to transfer your items from one house to another, and there is no getting away..